Rental Questions

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Rental FAQs

As A Tenant, What Are My Responsibilities?
  • Replacing smoke alarm batteries
  • Replacing light bulbs with the correct size
  • Reporting non-functioning smoke alarms immediately if fresh batteries do not solve the problem
  • Reporting all necessary repairs
  • Professional steam cleaning and spot cleaning of carpets while residing in the property
  • Basic insect control, such as ants or roaches (we recommend Raid Ant & Roach spray)
  • Basic rodent control, such as mice
  • Landscape cleanup if a service is not provided
  • Reporting lack of landscape cleanup if such a service is provided in your Lease (multifamily properties usually have lawn maintenance contracts)
  • Landscape watering unless watering is restricted by local or state ordinance (single family properties maintain their own lawns)
  • Disposal of all garbage in the proper receptacles and using the weekly pick up service
  • Disposal of animal feces on the property even if you do not have a pet
  • If the residence has a fireplace, use caution and care when operating the fireplace and disposing of ashes or coals.
  • Check to see if damper is open before starting a fire in the fireplace


What Is Renter's Insurance?

Renters insurance is an insurance policy that protects you personal property. Most policies cover losses from the following:

  • Windstorm or hail
  • Fire or lightening
  • Explosion
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Aircraft
  • Vehicles
  • Smoke
  • Vandalism or malicious mischief
  • Theft
  • Damage by glass or safety-glazing material that is part of a building
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Falling objects
  • Weight of ice, snow, or sleet
  • Water-related damage from home utilities
  • Electrical surge damage

If you live in an area where flooding, hurricanes or earthquakes are a possibility you will probably need to purchase a separate policy or a rider in order to protect yourself against these threats.

Please see your insurance agent for more details and benefits of Renters Insurance.

Why Should I Buy Renters Insurance?

Rental Insurance is one of the last things most renters think about when faced with moving. However, it is extremely important and should be considered by all renters. Most renters do not realize that if there is a problem in their home, they are not covered by the landlord’s insurance. Fire, theft, hurricanes, roof and plumbing leaks and many other occurrences can damage your personal property. Therefore, to protect yourself and you valuables, renters are encouraged to obtain renters insurance. Below we have outlined what you need to know before you get started.

Why Did I Receive A Notice When I Paid The Rent On The 6th Of The Month?

As outlined in this Tenant Handbook the rent is due on the first and late on the sixth. Our notices are generally sent out on the sixth day of the month. Occasionally a late tenant payment and our late notice will pass each other in the mail. B&A serves notices as a courtesy to tenant’s that have a balance.

Why May I Not Clean The Carpet Myself?

We require professional carpet cleaning to preserve the life of the carpet and the floor beneath it. Home or rental machines do not handle the deep cleaning necessary.

What Is Considered Carpet Damage?
  • Tear in carpet
  • Animal stains (even if the landlord new you had a pet)
  • Burn marks (iron, cigar, cigarette, etc.)
  • Ground-in stains
  • Sub-floor damage (the floor under the carpet may get damaged from spilled liquids, excessive cleaning/wetting of stains)
  • Fleas
  • Failure to clean regularly
What Are Other Typical Damages In A Rental?
  • HOLES in wall from hanging pictures, removal of Decals on the walls. Larger gouges etc.  We recommend you use Command Hooks (or something similar) since they do not damage the paint.
  • DOORS with holes or windows broken. Off hinges or tracks. Glass etc.
  • CLOGGED DRAINS caused by misuse of sinks or toilets. Women tenants (college girls for example) may need to be reminded to dispose of feminine products in the trash, not the toilet.
  • BLINDS – CURTAINS As a practice we do not provide mini-blinds, curtains or window treatments.  However you should remove any window treatments you install before you move out of the property.
  • FLEA INFESTATIONS caused by tenant’s animals or failure to keep the unit. The same for smoke damage from smoking or burning candles.
  • EXCESSIVE BATHROOM MILDEW Use a good cleaning product like Tilex,  Spray 409 weekly.  Read the label and make sure it won’t damage the finish in your particular bathroom.
  • REFRIGERATORS Broken shelves in a refrigerator. Excessive dirt/dust in the refrigerator vents. This the area under or behind the unit. Vacuuming improves performance. Every time you vacuum, vacuum around the unit. Defrost the refrigerator if not frost-free
  • OVEN/STOVE Excessive dirt or filth.  Stoves can take 2-3 hours to clean. Use Easy-off. That’s why they named it that.
May I Install Extra Telephone Lines?

You may install extra telephone lines if you pay the expense and disconnect them when you leave. However, you must notify B&A and obtain written permission to install the lines.

May I Have A Satellite Dish?

Yes, you may have a satellite dish. However, you must submit a request to B&A and sign an agreement prior to installing the dish. You also must take responsibility for removing the dish and repairing any damage. We also ask that no dishes be placed in the front yard are on the front of the house.  Call the B&A office for details.

I Did Not Have A Pet When I Moved In; May I Have A Pet Now?

Notify the Breedlove & Asspcoates office of your request for a pet. Do not move a pet into the property without permission. Breedlove & Associates will contact the owner and submit your request. If the owner does allow the pet, an increased security deposit will be required and a Pet Agreement signed.

What Happens If My Pet Dies Or Runs Away? May I Have My Increased Security Deposit Back?

No, all security deposits remain in effect until all tenants vacate the property. Until a property is completely vacant, there is no way to check the entire property thoroughly.

What Happens If I Want Another Pet?

Notify the B&A office. The Property Manager will contact the owner and submit your request. If the owner allows an additional pet, an increased security deposit will be required and a pet agreement must be signed.

My Roommate Wants To Move, But I Want To Stay. What Do I Do Now?

Contact the Breedlove & Associates office. Breedlove & Associates will need documentation from you to show that you can support the property by yourself. If you are approved to remain in the property without the financial support of the departing roommate, Breedlove & Associates will draft an amendment that releases the departing roommate. Breedlove & Associates will not partially refund part of the security deposit to your roommate since it is a condition of your Lease. You and your roommate will have to settle any funds owed to each other, including any or all of the security deposit.

How Do I Add Or Remove A Roommate?

The prospective roommate will have to submit an application and Breedlove & Associates must approve the person PRIOR to them moving into the property. Have the roommate make complete application via the Breedlove & Associates website or at our office. An application fee will be required. If Breedlove & Associates denies the applicant, they cannot move into the property. If approved, you and the approved applicant must sign a Breedlove & Associates form for the lease at our office.

Why Do The Owners Want To Inspect The Property On A Regular Basis?

The owners may want to assess the maintenance of the property, the condition, and their investment. It is also their right to see the property, but they respect that it is your residence. When owners request a site visit, Breedlove & Associates will contact you to set a date and time.

How Can I Improve Safety In My Apartment?

The safety of you and your family is important to Breedlove & Associates and many things can affect it. Here are some tips to follow:


  • Unplug all heat-producing appliances like toasters, irons, and coffee makers when they are not in use to prevent fire hazards.
  • Never leave a stove or oven unattended; turn off all stove and oven appliances when you leave the house.
  • Never leave heating pads and electric blankets on indefinitely and turn them off when you leave the residence to prevent fire hazards.
  • Never leave water running unattended in a plugged bathtub or when leaving the residence.
  • If you have an upstairs bathroom and you see water in the ceiling below, particularly in a light fixture, report the leak immediately to B&A.
  • Do not operate electrical appliances while standing or sitting in water.
Avoid using blow dryers, curling irons, radios, TVs, or other appliances while in a bathtub or over a sink filled with water.
  • If you have small children, use child protector plugs.
  • Do not overload extension cords with too many appliances.
  • Place lamps on level surfaces and use the correct size bulb.
  • Avoid running extension cords over walkways, under rugs, or any other place that could cause tripping.
  • If you suspect an electrical problem, report it to Breedlove & Associates immediately.
  • Tests smoke alarm(s) regularly and replace the batteries if they no longer operate the unit. 
Notify B&A immediately if any smoke alarm is inoperable even with new batteries. Never remove smoke alarms.
  • Replace outside light bulbs so you can utilize lights properly when it is dark.
  • Keep a portable fire extinguisher in the kitchen and the garage; they are available in hardware supply stores.
  • If you use a grill or never leave grills unattended.
  • If you have a fireplace, be sure to store hot ashes and coals away from the residence. Do not place ashes in garbage receptacles unless certain they are cold.
  • Do not store fireplace wood against the wall of the residence.
  • Always be certain the damper is open before starting a fire in the fireplace.
  • Do not build “roaring” fires in the fireplace; build reasonable fires suited to the size of the fireplace.